April Fool Pranks, History, Celebration

April Fool Pranks, History, Celebration

April Fool Pranks, History, Celebration: April Fool is celebrated on 1st April every year. People all around the world, do prank with their friends and family members and enjoys the day. They play with each other and entertain with them. It is not a holiday on this day.

Some of the prank can be embarrassing or some may hurt anyone’s feelings. People do comedy and make fun of each other. The main motive of this day is not to hurt the feeling of anyone but to enjoy the moment. These pranks are marked as memorable for life.

It is the fun-filled day of the year. People enjoy the day and the day becomes memorable. The day is also known as All Fools’ Day. Some mark this day, 1st April, as the New Year as is the beginning or start of the spring season.

People want to make fun of their closed ones and have fun on April Fools’ Day. They want to make the day memorable and want to remember their whole life and can share that day with others to spread happiness.

The main purpose of this day is to laugh at prank on another person. The origin of the day is still a mystery. But the benefit of this day is to determine between the reality and a joke or prank. The joke or prank should be so light that the other person doesn’t get hurt.

History of April Fool

The origin of April Fools’ Day is still a mystery. From where this day was started, no one knows. The day is celebrated as New Year in many parts of the world. In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII ordered a new calendar and wants to remove the old Julian calendar.

The new calendar was made and named as Gregorian calendar 1st April is considered as the beginning of the April Fools’ Day in France.

The earliest prank took place in France as per theories. At that time, New Year was celebrated for eight days starting from 25th March and was ended on 1st April. The restructuring of the calendar was done under the rule of Charles the ninth, the Gregorian calendar was established, and New Year’s Day was moved to the first of January.

According to some people refused to celebrate New Year on 1st April and wants New Year to be celebrated on 1st January. From that day, New Year is celebrated on 1st January.

Celebration of April Fool

The day is celebrated with fun after prank done with other people. The joke or prank may harm so the person should do with light prank which will not harm others even to them also.

People want to enjoy the day with fun-filled. They make it memorable and share the experience with every other individual how funny was the day celebrated. They tell the expression of the other and laugh together.

Here are 10 April Fool Pranks, History, Celebration that can be used for anyone accordingly. The prank can be like:

Safe April Fools Pranks

First Prank: Calling the person and saying “I am outside of your house.” He or she will go outside to check and won’t find you there so this is “April Fool”.

Second Prank: Say to other people that someone is calling you outside. He or she will go where he or she finds no one. When he or she comes back to you say “April Fool”.

April Fools Pranks For Kids | April Fools Pranks For School

Third Prank: In school, write “April Fool” in a paper and tell your students that “Give this letter to your parents. I have written a complaint to you and tell them to meet me tomorrow. Do not open this letter.” They will go home and give the letter to their parents. They will open the letter and get fooled. So, you have fooled all students and their parents.

Fourth Prank: At home, tell kids that the father bought many chocolates for them and is kept in the fridge. They will be happy and will search for it in the fridge and won’t get them. When they return and ask where the chocolates are. Say there are no chocolates and you were playing “April Fools’!”

April Fools Pranks For Work

Fifth Prank: Prank with a colleague. When a boss is not in the cabin, tell them the boss is angry with your work and is calling you. He or she will get afraid and will go to the boss’s cabin and get fooled.

Sixth Prank: Tell your colleagues that the boss told you to inform all that today is half-day till 2 p.m. as he has to leave for some urgent work. Everyone will be happy and plan for what to do after leaving the office and where to go. When they start leaving office, tell them that you made them fool and say “Happy Fools’ Day!”

Easy April Fools Pranks For Family

Seventh Prank: Bring any cream-filled biscuits and empty all biscuits and fill it with toothpaste. Give biscuits to your family to eat and they will get fooled. Say “April Fool!”

April Fools Pranks For Friends

Eighth Prank: Gift the number of empty boxes of different sizes and put all one by one and give it to your friend and tell him or her to open the gift. He or she will open one by one and get tired and at last, opens the last box and get fooled. Say “April Fool!”

Ninth Prank: Take empty KFC or McD, Pizza Hut or Domino’s Pizza box and feel it with paper write April Fool in it. Tell your friend that you are hungry and bringing something from KFC or McD or Pizza Hut or Domino’s Pizza box. Come late to that place and give that box. He or she will feel hungry and open the box and get fooled.

Tenth Prank: Tell your friends that you got a promotion in the job and got a transfer to another place and you want to do a party with them. They will be happy about your promotion and will be sad for your transfer. Give them a treat or a huge party and they will be emotional. When they leave you, then tell them that you have fooled them and say “April Fool!”


Make sure you fool the other without harming anyone. The person shouldn’t hurt his or her feeling. Light pranks are fine but don’t do such pranks that can hurt. Even take responsibility for the prank also and take the remedy as per the prank. So enjoy the fun day, April Fools’ Day!

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